Automation is the key word for this tube bending machine!

Automation is the key word for this tube bending machine!

Rigidity, Stability and Precision

An internal development of excellence according to our customer’s needs.

Our Fully Electric CNC Tube Bender from eMOB series, represents the pillar of AMOB when it comes to tube bending machines. This success is the result of rigidity, stability and precision, even under different conditions.

The main feature of these models is their energy-efficiency! Day after day, AMOB wants to be at the front line when it comes to energy sustainability.

The technology allows the use of fixed and variable radius tools in the same cycle, without straight parts between bends and without markings caused by the clamp.

All models of the eMOB series are equipped with the revolutionary AMOB CNC software that is capable of automatic spring back correction, storage of tools and their working positions and 3D simulation with anti-collision.


The AMOB team developed a 100% automated cell based on the eMOB 100 model that allows the bending of tubes up to Ø100 mm, with integrated high-precision magnetic welding detection, automatic tube feeding, robot unloading and even an automatic palletizing.


✅ Continuous production;

✅ Repeatability;

✅ Low user interference;

✅ Reduced cycle times;

✅ Finished product ready for shipment;

✅ Reduced waste;

✅ No need a specialized operator.