Ethics and Conduct

Ethics and Conduct


AMOB besides the strict respect for the laws and regulations in force, is governed by principles of professional ethics that must, in all circumstances and in all places, inspire the behaviors of its employees.

AMOB’s decisions and actions are guided by its “Vision, Mission and Values”, its “Integrated Management Policy for Quality, Safety, Social Responsibility and Research, Development and Innovation” and a “Code of Conduct”.

It is important to mention that AMOB’s image, has a very significant impact on every relationship maintained by the company, so it depends on each of the employees, to keep it strong, acting at every moment with honesty, transparency, integrity, responsibility, zeal and respect. An image that is expected to last, due to shared values, and above all by the commitment to lead business with seriousness, integrity and correctness.


With the introduction of this Reporting Channel, we aim to allow both employees and third parties to report any situations that violate the rules that the principles of Corporate Ethics are based on, in particular: respect for the law, respect for people and fighting against corruption.

This channel allows anonymous reports to be received and is implemented according to the requirements of Law No. 93/2021, of 20 December, which establishes the general framework for the protection of whistleblowers, and AMOB assures the same level of protection in all of the areas reported, particularly assuring non-retaliation against the whistleblowers. Click here to access the channel.