WST General Manager testimony about AMOB

WST General Manager testimony about AMOB

Wisconsin Steel & Tube (WST)

Wisconsin Steel & Tube (WST) has been a provider of steel tubing and bar products since 1952.

Over the last few years, we have made a strong effort to increase our value-added capabilities to better serve our key customers and to continue to grow our business. Along with our sister company WST Fab, we have made significant investment in fabrication equipment starting with our first tube laser and AMOB eMOB150 in 2018 and have now added additional tube laser capacity, large format laser and brake capabilities, robotic welding, and most recently our AMOB eMOB80. We serve customers in a number of industries including agricultural, lawn and garden, construction, power generation, power sports, and of course our steel distribution job shop customers.

After outsourcing a bent part for close to 10 years, we finally took the plunge and purchased the eMOB150. The part was a very challenging part and we had a number of vendors “no quote” it over time and so we knew we needed a partner that we could trust and a machine that was capable and reliable to produce this part, as it is a high volume part for one of our very key customers and we couldn’t afford to make a mistake on this investment.

I had known Brian Julien (ITEC President) for a few years prior to joining the company and he has always been a valuable sounding board. We were never able to come together on any machine purchases.

“When we decided to make the investment into the 150, ITEC was my first call and they were immediately all in. We looked at other machines from other manufacturers but none provided us the same sense of partnership, engagement, and transparency.”

With the addition of the eMOB150 we were able to not only bring a key component in-house but we were able to make a superior part to what we had been receiving. The ITEC team was with us every step of the way to make sure the install and run off were successful and there service after the sale has been top notch.

“AMOB and ITEC together have been absolutely amazing. The relationship has been one of mutual respect and appreciation. The one thing that we appreciate the most is that we get a trusted and internationally recognized product with service that feels like we are part of the family and the most important customer.”

When we decided we needed a second complimentary machine, ITEC was our first call, and with their input we settled on the eMOB80 as the most logical next machine to meet our needs.

Charlie Lenn
General Manager – WST Fab & Director of Sales Wisconsin Steel & Tube


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