CNC pipe bender to worldwide digital industrial company

CNC pipe bender to worldwide digital industrial company

CH 220 CNC

CNC Pipe bender to worldwide digital industrial company!

Just left the AMOB one more CNC Pipe bender – CH220CNC, and this is something that makes us proud!

When we talk about inventions that mark human and technological evolution, the name of Thomas Edison, is one that fills this list.

He was a businessman from the United States who patented and financed the development of many important devices of great industrial interest. The Wizard of Menlo Park, as it was known, was one of the first to apply the principles of mass production to the process of invention and became known to us for the invention of the incandescent electric lamp.

From his legacy left one of the world’s largest companies, a diversified infrastructure, technology and financial services company focused on the world’s great challenges.

It is present in such diverse sectors as aviation engines, power generation equipment, lighting systems, and healthcare solutions and services. It is currently in more than 100 countries and employs more than 300,000 people worldwide.

This is a worldwide digital industrial company that transforms the industry with software-defined machines and interactive solutions, effective and with a predictive value. It is organized so that there is a global exchange of knowledge where each of the business areas share and can access the same types of technology, markets, structures and knowledge. In this way, each new discovery drives innovation and application in different business areas.


What concert to the tube bending, this company has found in AMOB a team development and tube bend technology partner, realizing that our market solutions follow the required level of demand, as well as realizing that AMOB is a company that faced with a need for innovation or personalization, can develop solutions that guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

Our CNC Pipe Bender CH series is the backbone of our tube and profile bending machines. Their rigidity, stability and untouchable precision in exceptional conditions such as humidity or harsh temperatures is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Ranging from 10mm up to 420mm OD these pipe bending machines are adapt for use in a wide range of pipe manufacturing sectors and industries.

The range includes the fully CNC pipe bender version, for wich all three axis are automatic in a single stack machine. There’s also the option to add welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading and unloading systems if necessary.

The CH series tube bending machine come equipped with the AMOB NC touchscreen easy-to-operate controls, or in the CNC version, the latest user-friendly AMOB 3D bending software.

So, this stores tooling configuration, allows spring-back compensation and boasts anti-collision technology, amongst other features.

These multi-faceted models are easy to operate and suitable for almost all types of applications and industries.

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