Tube and sheet metal applications in our daily lives

Tube and sheet metal applications in our daily lives

Bending and

There are numerous sectors and applications for tube and sheet metal forming in our daily lives, from the automotive sector, to furniture and even the aeronautical industry, where results represent the highest technology, with low deformation and high quality.

In this article we’re going to find out how our machines can give life to small products/instruments in our daily lives.

You’ll certainly be surprised at how much we use them, as they are very present and in most cases we don’t even realize it.

Let’s start with furniture – have you noticed the details? With its timeless design, metal furniture has been a regular feature of Portuguese everyday life and culture for generations.

From leisure chairs, tables, hospital beds, trolleys or even hospital cribs, the whole range has one thing in common… bends! These can be made by AMOB machines.

Detail and precision turn any decorative piece made of bended tube into a true work of art. Our machines meet the standards demanded by this sector of activity. More than elegance and comfort of all the furniture produced with AMOB machines, the products are recognized for their quality and resistance, resulting from the use of the best raw materials and production equipment.


Have we ever looked inside our houses? Yes, we deal with a lot of equipment made up of bended tubes inside four walls, such as kitchen taps, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and even cooling.

With an increasing focus on energy savings, beneficial from a financial and environmental point of view, AMOB offers a wide range of all-electric equipment that can be the appropriate solution for various industrial sectors. Whether it is a single model from our ranges or a complete automated cell.

Leisure times? They’re also possible with our tube and sheet metal forming solutions. We are present in the daily lives of the little ones. From playgrounds to guardrails or handrails.

Easy to operate, with high repeatability and a compact design, our section bending machines are ready to revolutionize any type of production. AMOB guarantees results in any application thanks to its flexible design capacity.

Over the years, we have grown with the demands of our partners and with the general evolution of the market. AMOB offers much more than stand-alone machines, AMOB offers customized solutions. Our machines are developed to easily meet any application.

Have you ever gotten lost in the streets of a city and looked around? Traffic lights, guards, bicycle parking spaces, tree protectors, covers for public transport stops… there are countless ways in which bending and forming can be applied.

The work of high precision and quality, inherited from generation to generation, is a true heritage and an essential differentiating factor. 100% electric tube bending machines are easy to operate and allows the production of complex tube geometries in a single working cycle with different radii using multistack tooling and multiradius bends.

On the other hand, AMOB end forming machines can be hydraulic or hybrid. An hydraulic machine consists of hydraulically driven axes, as well as integrated circuits for movement control. A hybrid end former combines hydraulic and electric control of axes.

In summary, tube and sheet metal applications are part of our daily lives and are just around the corner. AMOB‘s daily challenge is to develop solutions according to each customer’s needs, using state-of-the-art technology, thus guaranteeing precision and repeatability.

A list of world-class references and a dynamic after-sales service, are ready to guarantee the quality of all products in the most diverse sectors of activity.

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