Section bender to leader in self-supporting metal construction

Section bender to leader in self-supporting metal construction

MAH 300/3AC

Being the European leader in self-supporting metal construction, our client designs, produces and assembles more than 1500 pieces per year.

The self-supporting system of which our customer is the leader in the European market is made up of long solid metal profiles, which can be arched or flat, and which only support the ends, allowing free spans up to 30 meters.
What characterizes this self-supporting system is the fact that it does not need to interpose the traditional roof supports, which can be applied to buildings of metallic structure such as reinforced concrete.
This system is much appreciated by architects because it is simple and clean, allowing aesthetically leaner works. In terms of fast assembly, the self-supporting system is unbeatable.
In addition to allowing the assembly of works in record time, it still has a very competitive quality / price ratio compared to other construction systems.

The choice fell on the versatile and powerful section bender MAH 300/3AC. AMOB’s MAH-AC are used in the bending of pipes and large profiles and are capable of bending beams up to IPE1000, being the largest and most powerful bending machines in the world in terms of capacity and size.
This machine was equipped with standard tools covering almost all existing structural profiles and 4th roll system to allow non-deformation of the web in the H, I and C profiles, quick adjustment of tools and mobile controller. It is an equipment of high strength and odd in equipment of similar capacity, totally produced in welded construction, stabilized and highly dimensioned, and its structure has an approximate weight of 21Tons.

In general, the current jobs of the customer did not exceed the HEA160, and the prospect of increasing its capacity led him to select the MAH 300/3AC section bender model that will allow him to reach jobs up to HEB 240.

The MAH 300/3AC section bender has planetary movement of the lower rollers. With this way of acting, they can achieve reduced bending radii with fewer passages, significantly shortening cycle times. These equipments are available with CN and CNC control with auto learning mode, which radically reduces the need for testing and consequently the waste of material and production time.

After installation and training by the specialized technicians AMOB, the customer was impressed with the solution, fulfills and surpasses his expectations, leaving still room for an increase in both the capacity at the level of the profiles and their productive capacity.