Fully electric tube bending machines to a leading automotive supplier

Fully electric tube bending machines to a leading automotive supplier

eMOB tube bending machines

In early 2018, AMOB was commissioned to supply two brand-new, fully electric tube bending machines to a parts supplier that caters to one of the largest automotive groups in the world.

In this particular industry, every detail counts – all cost savings can be passed onwards, making the end product more competitive. With AMOB’s range of eMOBs (the fully-electric range of CNC tube benders), every detail can be managed and perfected. Decreased cycle times, low energy consumption, low maintenance levels, reduced material requirement for setup, quick tooling change and automatic in-cycle spring back correction make the eMOB tube bending machines a leader in their class.

These many manageable details allow all areas of production to be analysed and improved. As the customer works three shifts per day, seven days per week, time and cost saving is even more beneficial, giving further increased efficiency.

The customer required two machines of similar scope that were capable of both fixed and variable radius bending. The eMOB52 and eMOB63 were delivered and installed in early 2018, with the switch-over from the old production cell to the new happening in February – as the company had a scheduled week of maintenance. If your company requires a turnkey package of fully electric tube bending machines, then please do not hesitate to contact AMOB.