AMOB in Australia for a new installation!

AMOB in Australia for a new installation!

new installation in australia

Two tube bending machines, 100% Portuguese from the other side of the world!

Latest bending solutions have been delivered and installed in Australia, for several days AMOB was on the other side of the world with the Harrower team for the installation of two fully electric tube bending machines.

Harrower is a family-owned company, located in Bendigo, Australia, dedicated to providing custom bending solutions, always according to the customer’s needs. There are several areas of activity of this Australian company, among them the military and defense sector where the standards of precision are very high, here begins the challenge of finding the right business partner.

Harrower’s relationship with AMOB began in late 2020 with acquisition of an eMOB 52 2 bend by the administrators Margaret and Les. This range has, as its main feature, the change of bending direction through a rotating head! It is capable of processing tubes from 5mm to 63mm outside diameter and has multi-stack capability.

The bending machine was delivered in early 2021 and was scheduled to be installed by May of 2021. Due to the worldwide restrictions of travel was not possible to follow up closely the installation. This would be a problem for many, but not for these two!

After a careful reading of the new manual and a few video calls accompanied by an explanation of some doubts, both were fully prepared for the use of the equipment in its entirety, with a detailed description of all the functions and capabilities of the system!

Since that day, the AMOB team has used this example to validate how flexible, simple and intuitive the software is.


“My job gives me the opportunity to every day meet, work and create relationships at AMOB! It’s very gratifying to see as our customers are easily surrendered to our software and its benefits after a short time of use. And do you know what is the proof of that? About a year and a half later, Margaret and Les decided to purchase a new bending machine and AMOB was the obvious choice.” Says Carlos Agra, Service Manager of AMOB group.

With the advice of AMOB professionals easily concluded that the solution would pass through a bending machine of eMOB series because they are looking for bending tubes up to Ø141.3mm with the most recent technology. The carriage booster and the high structural rigidity of the bending head allow to achieve clr (centerline radius) as small as 1xD (tube diameter) and help to eliminate the marks caused by the clamp.

After making the decision in just a few days and the electric machine eMOB 150 was sent after a few months to the other side of the world, recently the AMOB team embarked on a journey of 37h, passing through 3 continents to know and work face to face with this inspiring team.

An installation that lasted a week and even with a few problems quickly solved with the precious help of the Harrower team.

According to Carlos Agra, Service Manager of AMOB group, there were several the points studied during the training days by team Harrower “We reinforced the training in software, we made the commissioning of the new machine and some sets of tools including Ø101,6 CLR 1/ 1,5D , Ø88,9 CLR  1/1,5D , Ø77,6 CLR 1/1,5D as well Ø50.8 CLR 1D with compound clamp die  on the eMOB 52 2 Bend, demonstration and testing of all compensation methods automatic springback, simulator with anti collision, machine handling with detailed operating cycle, configuration access to machines by the customer, etc. etc.”

A busy week where members of the AMOB group learned that age is just a number and with perseverance, resilience and hard work everything is possible. Margaret and Les are and will continue to be two life lessons and an inspiration for the future. AMOB will continue to work hard to honor the trust and friendship deposited.