3 large AMOB section rolls delivered in Bangkok

3 large AMOB section rolls delivered in Bangkok


AMOB has recently delivered 2 more heavy duty section rolls to the stronger bending services provider in Thailand, company CHONBURI CO., LTD.

Two years after purchasing an AMOB MAH 600/3 AC angle roll, with capacity up to HEB 600 and 600mm OD pipes, this customer decided to equip his facility for lower range of profiles. “I could and was bending with the large machine this smaller jobs, however it is not worth to set up this monster machine just to bend for example 60mm OD tubes” the owner said.

With this idea in mind, customer decided to purchase two new roll benders, one AMOB MAH 250/3 beam bender, with capacity up to 240 HED and 220mm OD pipes and an AMOB MAH 120/3 AC roll bender with capacity up to 120mm. …“AMOB was an obvious choice. We have had a prompt deliver, excellent communication and after sales service. We could not ask for more.” Mr. Chonburi continued. The remarkable results achieved by CHONBURI CO., LTD. in such a short time can be attributed to the considerable efforts made over the last years with investments that have evidently converted into production process.

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